The "ACA" is Here!!!

    The AmericanCivilianArmy.Com  
  We will be building a National Network of people ready to be called up to help each other in a times of trouble! A National Group of Law Abiding Citizens who will not let their fellow Americans down! Standing strong for American beliefs and holding Washington DC accountable for their actions!

The ACA will be a mixture of all walks of life! We are not a specific sex, color, religion, age or political party! We are our own National Group and will be seen as that! We will not allow others to label us like they have done to other groups to diminish their values and views! We will be Of The People and For The People! This will give us the power to get things done! The ACA is a grass roots movement at the local level but, united with to our National Organization! We will talk and set up a plan of action both locally and Nationally, when and if trouble arises!

Our mission is to have a network of people who can
come to the aid of our fellow Americans in need! Also each State will have places for our people to go to in the event of any threat to our Country! We will set up 50 State Headquarters,as well as however many Branches that are needed within those States as needed! Each State will have an appointed person who will oversee their State and all of it's branches. Some States based on size could have more then one Headquarters!

People talk about doing things but never do! This is putting the rubber to the road and letting Washington DC. know We The People are for real! We will not let
our Country go under! We will not let our ELECTED LEADER'S Continue to lie to us and act like we don't understand what they are doing to our Country!

We will fight within the law and show DC we have the numbers to fight them! We can turn our Country around but we need to be ready to fight a hard fight! My Daughter and Grandchildren as well as your families, need to know we stood up and fought for them. They will know when our Country was headed to become a different Nation from what we enjoyed, we took control and brought it back!

The website is free of charge thanks to a generous donor! This will help to support the site! We are looking for other donors to help so we can set up headquarters throughout the States! We will be going after sponsors as well as looking for donations! I get nothing out of this and to be honest I am going to be seeing the IRS once we grow big enough! You know they will try to find fault with something to stop our cause! I will be looking for corporate sponsors too! I will also be traveling down to Washington DC to talk to the our leaders. We do have a voice and we will let them know there is an American Civilian Army out here watching what they do!

I am willing to risk everything to turn our Country around! If I am put in jail or killed (assassinated) it will be for the right reasons! I will not standby and watch our GREAT NATION go under without a fight !

I hope you join and help us grow a National network of Americans who can be there to help each other in a crises! I understand preppers and self reliant people. We need to be more united to secure the safety of  lager numbers of Americans! We are all in this together and we need to show the Government we are serious! If we let them know we are out here we might just head off what they were trying to do!

God Bless You All.... Mark H. Raithel Founder And Spokesman Of The ACA
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